How to Tell Good Virgin Hair extensions

Here’re the go-to tried and tested ways used by experts in telling good virgin hair apart from bad or common ones.

1. Check for white or gray hairs:

If total virgin hair, there may be a few white or gray hairs inside. But this seldom happens since hair vendors will pick out the white or gray ones when shipping out customers’ ordered hair.

2. Check for left-over chemicals:

Pure virgin hair should not have any chemical processing whatsoever – that means no dyeing, no perming, and no relaxers. Basically, anything outside of water and heat processing is considered chemical processing. By water, I’m referring to steam-processed hair. To tell if your hair bundle has been chemically processed, do this quick test – wet the hair bundle, apply a dime sized amount of neutralizing shampoo and massage into the hair buy human hair extensions. If the shampoo foam coming out from the bundle turns pink, chemicals have been applied to the hair. Please note that this test is not 100% fool-proof in the case where the vendor took the time to thoroughly wash out the chemicals from the hair bundle. However, this is still a good test to keep in your arsenal because you will be surprised how many vendors do not take the time to thoroughly wash out the bundles they chemically process or receive processed. Also perform a sniff test and if you pick up any chemical odors similar to a relaxer or perm, then the hair has been chemically processed.

3. Check for the presence of hair cuticles:

Virgin hair that is not chemically processed must have the cuticles present on the hair. If you check for cuticles and the cuticles are not present, know that the cuticles have been stripped from the hair usually from an acid bath. It is important to note that cutically stripped hair is not necessarily a bad thing because these types of hair can last a considerable amount of time (| 9 months of use), but know that it is certainly not virgin hair. Here is a neat trick the experts use – The Hair Cuticle Feel Test. To feel for hair cuticle, run your fingers up and down the hair shaft. The hair strand should feel smooth going downwards towards the direction of hair growth, however you should feel some resistance as you move your fingers in the opposite direction. This resistance signifies the cuticle is present and has not been stripped.