How To Straighten Short Hair – human hair from china

There are many techniques to transform your curly hair into straight-styled short locks. You can have it done on a temporary or permanent basis. Let us go to the temporary process which is the better choice for short-haired women. Technology had made hair straightening easy because of the invention of the hair flat iron. In buying this straightening tool, you have to think about your kind or type of hair, the size of the flat iron and the heat temperature.

Hair type

Different types of hair will require equally different types of straightening devices. Thus, it is vital for you to know the exact classification of your hair – coarse or fine, thick or thin.

Kind of straightening tool

The straightening iron had taken the world by storm so you will find them in different variants, sizes and prices. The best result will come from flat irons that produce ions when they are heated. Your hair of human hair from china will have the tendency to become smooth and relaxed when ironed by a ceramic coated straightening tool. The same effect can be afforded by a tourmaline coated hot plate. There are also infrared straighteners but aside from being more expensive, they do not produce any special effects.

Size of straightening tool

Since your hair is short, the advisable plate size for your flat iron should only be 1.25 or 1 inches. You will find that there are 1.5 to 3 inch plates; these are for thick and long hair.

Temperature of straightening tool

The hair is very delicate and although the hair grows back, improper temperature can cause permanent damage to your hair and scalp. Different tools will come in different temperatures. Choose one that can work in 180 degrees Celsius.

Straightening and styling the hair

Whenever you style or straighten your hair, you will need to coat the strands of hair with protective lotions, serums or sprays. In conjunction with your flat iron, you will need straightening cream as well as a comb, hairbrush and hair clips.

You have to wash your hair first then dry it. Do not forget to apply a conditioner after shampooing because the conditioner will soften your hair; this hair product will also make the hair manageable. Dry your hair completely as the water may cause burning. If possible just air-dry the locks, ensuring that they are dry to the roots. When dry, apply mousse, gel or any hair products that will help style the hair.