Overcoming Drug Addiction Problems

Drug addiction is often associated with heroin, cocaine and crack but there is an interesting phenomenon occurring. The largest drug addiction currently in the United States comes from legal prescription drugs such as oxycodone, Xanax and Benzodiazepines. These drugs aid people who suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders and pain. The degree of the prescription drug abuse problem has now reached to the doctors that prescribe them.

Michael Jackson’s doctor was held liable for over-medicating the 50 year old singer with an intravenous drug that ultimately killed him. The doctor has lost his license for his actions as well as his inaction to reasonably do everything to save Jackson’s life. Whitney Houston’s death has spurred another investigation into whether her doctor acted in good faith because she died from what may have been a prescription drug overdose.

Approximately twelve thousand people had accidental prescription drug overdoses in the United States in 2008. The numbers are climbing on a yearly basis, causing more deaths than ever before. Many people, who do not take these drugs according to the instructions, but over-medicate or simply get the drugs ìoff the streetî, do so under the guise that these drugs are safe because they come from a doctor. It is important for those participants to understand that these are dangerous drugs. Many of these drugs are over the counter medication as well as prescription. Prescription is the preferred method because they have a higher dosage strength.

The sudden realization that a drug addiction may exist is what spurs the addict into seeking help. Drug addiction rehab is one of the most common ways for people to seek help to deliver themselves from the strong grips of the addiction. Leif Garrett, former teen idol, entered rehab after his mother left a photo of him on his desk. He said that the stark reality of seeing himself jolted him, spurring his attempt at recovery on ìCelebrity Rehabî. He said, ìI was a monsterî. The experience that jolts a person into seeking the help of a rehab is generally shocking.
The person seeking help for their drug addiction has generally hit their ìrock bottomî. Impending death is one of the triggers for drug addicts to seek the medical/mental help that they need to get ìcleanî. The problems caused by the drug addiction itself become too hard to handle. The person seeking help has fallen into depths that they know they can no longer handle on their own.

Handling drug addiction through an inpatient rehab program has proven the best method for successfully overcoming drug abuse issues permanently. There are many other methods, including rapid detox and methadone treatments that are successful to some extent. The most significant difference between using these methods and a rehabilitation center is that the cravings for the drugs remain without teaching the user how to overcome them. Inpatient programs offer aid in overcoming the cravings as well as intensive counseling to cope with the cravings.