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Why You Need a Survival Kit When Camping Going camping is an exciting escapade. Survival kit is essential when you have sleep in the woods or away from human habitation. Prepared in advance, a survival kit has basic supplies and tools to help in dealing with an urgent situation. As much as the kit should be easily portable, it must contain things you will require to survive when an unplanned event happens. Below are reasons why you need a survival kit when camping. It is a must that you plan for your food and water. Food and water are essential for one to live. You need portable and high quality water bottle or hydration system for the venture. Depending on the number of days that you will be out camping, carry enough water and food. Having a knife highly increases your chances of surviving when camping. Be it a pocket knife or a fixed blade knife among the many types of knives, it can save your life when an emergency occurs when you are camping. Uses of the knife include creating weapons, cutting branches, clothing or bandages, opening packages among others. To build shelter from branches in case you are lost, you will need a knife. Handle and maintain a knife well. It is meant to help you, not harm you.
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A rope, in addition to the knife, is necessary when a life and death situation occurs. You need a very strong rope which is not heavy and cumbersome. You can use the rope to keep food away from wildlife by hoisting the food, to create a splint for broken limbs, fastening poles, repairing the tent, for climbing, as a fishing line and a trap for hunting among many other uses.
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Equipments to show direction and to signal are essential. A map and a compass are basic. When lost, you can use the signal mirror to flash to an aircraft so that it detects you and you get help. A good flashlight is not only used in finding your way when it is dark, it can also be used to signal. You can whistle to catch the attention of other campers or people to rescue you in the case of an injury or danger. Fire and smoke can also attract attention. An important tool for handling wounds is a first aid kit. To assist in treating the wound before better help comes, the first aid kit is beneficial. Address, emergency contact number, medication list and copies of other personal documents are necessary when the right help for you is sought, especially if you are unconscious. Other things you need include a mobile phone with power that lasts long and some extra cash even if the camp is fully funded. Survival situations are usually a matter of life and death. Having items mentioned above in your survival kit will help you out of a tough situation. Survival kit does more than make you comfortable, it keeps you alive. You never know when an unexpected circumstance will happen, so always be prepared.